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Gujarat Lions App Developer: Creating A Roaring Entry into IPL!

Gujarat lion application image screens

With IPL coming, the cricket fever is distributing everywhere. Our Apps caught a whiff of the identical air. We present out first IPL entertainment application The Gujarat Lions Application.

IPL matches aren’t no more than the play in the game, there’s much glamour and buzz that’s generated round the teams from the field too. Like club football, club cricket too enjoys an admirer streak and has fervent supporters. From the arenas, lots of glitz and publicity surrounds the IPL matches and also the IPL franchises.

The Excitement Round the The Gujarat Lions Application

With regards to PR and marketing, mobile solutions are the easiest method to interact with everyone. An undeniable fact that the Intex Technologies, who owns the Rajkot franchise Gujarat Lions, was comfortable with. The most recent team within the tally saw mobility and apps because the perfect platform for connecting using its existing group of followers and spread it further. They contacted Affle AppStudioz with the idea of an application that gamifies their interaction using their fans. Thus started this dream project of creating the Gujarat Lions application for IPL.

Of course, professionals at Affle AppStudioz were game for this type of challenge. IPL fans in the home began building around the thought of an application that ensures absolute engagement and entertainment from the Gujarat Lions supporters and also the IPL group of followers. Distributing some cheer prior to the IPL season begins, is another thing about this app’s launch strategy.


The Idea

The application is conceptualized to help keep the fans involved at each step.In the putting in a bid prior to the madness begins, pre match contests, to guessing games and quizzes throughout the matches.

The initial event that announces the start of the IPL months are the putting in a bid. Franchises bid for that players to create a dream team based on budgetary limitations and enhanced planning . This idea is going to be introduced to existence within the application too. The fans is going to be paid the control to election for his or her favourite players and therefore bid to create a team that belongs to them choice. To create this experience slightly competitive, the individual having a team nearest to the one which could be bid for can get rewards and points.

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