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Should you not possess a program like Snagit or much like get screen captures, then App Developer Singapore some free options to utilize.

Screenshots on Home windows Based Computers – I am inclined to depend around the Print Screen (Prt Scr) button on my small keyboard to perform a screen capture, then re-size and crop it in Gimp, a totally free image editor.

Screenshots on Mac OS Machines – If you are managing a Mac, you should use shortcuts for example Command-Shift-3 to consider a screenshot and reserve it on your hard drive, Command-Control-Shift-3 to consider a screenshot and reserve it for your clipboard, or use other shortcuts right here. Gimp also creates Mac for editing your screenshots.

Website Previews – If App Developer Singapore are using Safari and want a picture of the website, then you’ll gladly realize that Safari really takes screenshots of web sites in .png and .digital format. In Home windows 7, you’ll find these previews under C:UsersYourUsernameAppDataLocalApple ComputerSafariWebpage Previews. After that you can edit the website’s capture in Gimp to suit your publish.

Home windows 7 also offers a Snipping Tool that enables you to definitely grab screenshots easily, but I’ve discovered individuals captures are extremely poor, so based on your requirements, you might like to use among the above options rather.

Your Ideas on Images for Content

Now it’s your turn. How can you use images inside your content? Please share your strategies and sources around within the comments! App Developer Singapore

Photo Credit: Ground Squirrel from the Desert

Once we discuss images, we can’t venture out without mention Pinterest and Instagram.

How you can Correctly Use Instagram and Pinterest For The Company

Following the first couple of Etiquette Guides for Twitter and facebook, I’ve made the decision also to let App Developer Singapore know something about two other services which, although popular, are very a new comer to the marketplace: Instagram and Pinterest.

App Developer Singapore

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