Animation Studio Malaysia

Alex Johnson continues to be teaching at Dollars since September 2012 as he first became a member of the Animation Company Malaysia. Alex has spent twenty five years employed in the animation industry, and the arrival at Dollars has brought for an elevated focus on the skill and craft of animation at Dollars – therefore, the change of title from the course from “Animation, Games and Interactive Media” to “Animation and Visual Effects”. We requested Alex to speak about the alterations happening at Dollars, and just what students can expect to.

Dollars: What have you do before visiting Dollars?

Alex: I spent 25 years or so focusing on animated films, from “Who Presented Roger Rabbit?” to “The Lion King”, The Iron Giant”, and also the last three Harry Potter films.

The perception of Patronus Doe, Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows

Dollars: What made you need to get into teaching?

Alex: I’ve been teaching animation part-time since 1996 initially when i first began to educate at CalArts in La. Later I trained at Gnomon in Hollywood, The Animation Workshop in Denmark, and Escape Studios working in london. I had been always doing my teaching round the edges of my focus on production, in fits and starts, and so i desired to see things i could do basically really dedicated to it full-time.

I enjoy educate and I wish to make our new course a center for animation excellence within the United kingdom, to ensure that our graduates have the perfect training, and may get out there and have employers competing to employ good students. This is a big ambition, however i think we are able to get it done when we really concentrate on the essential things.

Dollars: Why arrived at Dollars?

Alex: Dollars offered the opportunity to generate a new Animation Company Malaysia course on your own, and run it. Such possibilities don’t arrive that frequently in existence. Obviously, there’s been animation at Dollars for a while, and so i share the leadership from the new course with Dave Creighton, that has been at Bcuks for several years, and between us we designed the brand new Animation & VFX Course. Our new course incorporates many aspects of that old AGIM course, however there’s really an emphasis on character and creature animation.

Animation Studio Malaysia

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