Web Designer Malaysia

Website design deals with technical knowledge about softwares and design skills. A good-looking website isn’t our final goal. We should balance among creating an eye-catching design, website practicality and website contents. Your website is a tool to help your business; it’s not a decorative thing! Your website design is a representative of your job and company. It shows your sensibility, and organizing and management power; so do not underestimate its effect.We would optimize your website design by considering following factors:
• Insert of essential and enough information- Page contents must be important and necessary. We don’t want to take your customers’ time.
• Avoid of using auto-loading sound, advertisements and animations- They just distract viewers from reading content. But if you want to make money from advertisement, too, they should arrange in order not to distract customers from your own business.
• Avoid of long texts and explanations- Business explanation, product features… should be clear, concise and communicative.• Avoid of pop-up windows- They really goes on every one’s nerve.
• Proper choice of color for font and background- Although there are beautiful fonts, but some of them are difficult to read. We never sacrifice practicality for beauty. Contrast of font color and background color should be considered to get readability.
• Load of medium-quality pictures- High-quality pictures take longer to load. It can cause, viewers leave pages. We only use them whenever needed.• Well-organized content- Organizing content, categorization of products or services is really important and challenging. In some case, that’s better to include sub-categories in 2 or 3 category to easy access.
• Inclusion of homepage, content menu, contact information in each page
• Design in a way to be accessible by different devices and all of browsers- People surf the net through various OS and browsers. Your website would be accessed by all of them.
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Web Designer Malaysia

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