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We are freelance PHP website developers base in Malaysia that providing PHP web development for individuals and companies.

Designed for web development, PHP is a popular server-side scripting language which can be used also as a general-purpose programming language. PHP is popular for varying reasons. Its capability to be integrated well with HTML codes and its combination with different web frameworks and templating engines make it a handy tool in web development. PHP mainly works as a filter since it receives specific data and outpours outputs accordingly.The data received is mainly text or PHP instructions. The output is normally HTML, or alternatively JSON or XML. As a result, PHP web developers are normally expected to have enough experience with HTML. Though Zend PHP remains the most popular PHP implementation, other implementations have been introduced recently which include Phalanger, Parrot and HipHop. These implementations at times provide performance advantages over Zend PHP and a web developer is expected to have a solid understanding of these variations.

Malaysia PHP Web Developer
Since PHP has an ample archive of open source packages, a website developer should be up-to-date when it comes to latest changes and modifications in PHP. Moreover, PHP language can, and at times should, be integrated with SQL for databases, so a solid understanding of these databases comes in handy on everyday basis for a developer. One of the advantages of PHP is quick prototyping, which is why many startups are drawn to this language, as a Mashable article back in 2012 proved. Some developers attempt to validate their knowledge by taking the exam conducted by Zend. The exam covers a range of PHP instruction, from the basics to OOP (object-oriented programming).PHP Website Developer

Developers are allowed to write a host of extensions in C, which allows them to add extra functionalities to the already-rich corpus of PHP. Thus far, a number of these extensions have become quite popular, including one written for support of the Windows API. Since its introduction, PHP has gone on to own a CLI (command-line interface) capability. This gives PHP the option to be utilized in standalone graphical applications which is a very useful extension to the rich versatility of PHP.Our company is the home to highly-trained and well-educated PHP web developers. We as a team of web developer pride ourselves on assembling a team whose members are innovative and well-read. They are not only well-versed in PHP, but also in other programming languages and OOP. Their familiarity with database systems and PHP implementations help them on everyday basis towards providing the best possible service for our clients. One of the important aspects of working as a PHP developer is to be in touch with other developers around the world.

PHP Web Developer

There are a number of channels to meet this goal, one of them being a member of Our team members are well aware of this need and keep an open eye on the latest changes and introductions in technology and programming languages by being part of PHP communities on the web. Their knowledge of data types, databases, arrays and string patterns help them be on top of their game. With the introduction of our PHP developers, we try to take our design and development services to the next level.

PHP Web Developer

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Android Application Developer Designer Development Malaysia

We are freelance Android Developer, Android App, Android Application, Java Developer, Designers and Programmers, App Developer, Android Development Company in Malaysia, Kuala lumpur that Provide Android App, Application Developing, Programming and Designing, Android Development.(Android Application Development Company and Android Developer Malaysia).
Android Application Developer

Designing your world; Whatever you want about your android application, The world of new technology gives us an opportunity to have an assistant beside us; cell phones are new friends that are useful in any verity situations. Applications play a rule like soul that help the phone to operate effective and personalized. But what are the main facts that help our application to be more accurate?Android Application Designer, Programmer

Interpersonal features; Any different apps are just with the one fact separated; inter personal ability that helps to connect and make users feel humanistic. This is not like human fell them they are human but they should communicate easy and understandable. Our freelancers have experience in a huge amount of relationship facts that help them to consider them in designing your android application.
Android Developer Malaysia

Upgrading features; Updating and upgrading is a feature that seems necessary in our age. Your brand-new app must be able to upgrade. With this easy technique you can keep your users and customers. The power of upgrading an app is shown when you are trying to sell your new version of your app.
Android Java App Developer Malaysia

Customers prefers to update instead of installing a new app even it is more confusing. In the other hand for having a proper update and upgrade app you should consider facts that sometimes are complicated. Our Android Developer team can help you to overcome them knowledgably.

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Website Developer Programmer Development Company Malaysia

We are Website Developers and Programmers base in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur that provide Website Development and Programming. A web, wesbite developer and programmer helps you to make your website specialized and specific for your destination. So hiring a website developer is beneficial. For more explanation, we will tell you some important benefits and some explanations about them. Some of them maybe are not your concern or you haven’t thought about them till now but you should consider Web Developer and analyze them carefully. Then call us for receiving our service.
Website Developer Malaysia

Direct effects: Communication circle: it means your site is a product itself even while it is introducing a product. It is important to broadcast your website fast through the people and find you customer fast and proper. A website can make communications in different people and receive their feedback for reorganizing the service or product. A programmer can write a communicate program which is effective and easy to use for gaining more attraction, A kind of internal social network.
Website Developer Malaysia

Web Developer Programmer Development Company Malaysia

Having some advanced features: this factor maybe is not so vital for you but absolutely it is. A routine design might not as interesting as an advanced and personalized website which is serving many different features for its customers. A web programmer can write some program that can help you to use many different and multi functional software for introducing your product or service better.
Freelance Website Developer

Indirect effect, Increasing grade in Google: in Google you as a service department need to be upper than others. A programmer can help you to make your Google visiting rate comes up.
Website Programmer Development Company

Your website is like a mummy toy. You can personalize it whatever you want and the way you desire to gain customers attention. Our programming team is a specialist team who are aware of aesthetic facts and marketing methods.
Website Programmer Development Company

Website Developer

They will modify your website for better resulting and increasing in visiting. We know how to hunt customers with our virtual hook.

Web Developer Malaysia

Android Developer Malaysia

Arjun is really a 30 something banker,an active existence has had the greater of his fitness needs. He lately purchased a Fitbit to trace his daily activity. He thinks Android Developer Malaysia a large hassle maintaining an eating plan, buying supplements, gathering equipment for exercise. This really is time intensive and de-motivates one from being regular! Arjun needs motivation .

Jogo would be to motivate people like Arjun. It’s possible to buy and access all types fitness products or services with the application additionally to any or all its additional features. It keeps you motivated that you follow your routine and get your workout goals fast. Additionally, it looks after a leader board to spur the competitive streak in your soul

The Emblem:

jogo emblem

Like several outstanding apps JoGo includes a vibrant colored icon, using the initials from the New U pvt Limited. put on it as being an identifier. Since there’s a label that states JoGo anyway, the application could be spotted around the mobile desktops.

A really flat and minimalist approach continues to be stored in the style of the emblem. Like a user I really like the mint eco-friendly color.

The Register: Simple as anything, the main one tap register through Google and facebook is a great concept that apps have exploited nowadays, You don’t need to complete lengthy details. Only a single tap as well as your facts are imported in the valid id and application.

The House Screen:

jogo homescreen

On tapping the emblem you arrived at the very first screen, the house screen. The icons are styled out as tiles. The left swipe and right swipe gestures happen to be accustomed to connect to the various options underneath the headings. A heading saying recommendations and routines continues to be placed right above.

Another point which comes on analyzing the UX would be that the tracker and also the i.e. the main information continues to be stored at the top , above anything else.

The familiar icons such as the three stacks from the hamburger menu are put around the usual side (extreme left corner) making the consumer feel relaxed and intuitive of the next phase.

Android Developer Malaysia

Web Development Sydney

The UI template is appropriate for all sorts of Law companies including: Law Practice, Law Advisors, Legal Officials, Legal Advisors, Legal offices, Lawyers, Attorneys and much more.16 PSD files that are fully layered and customizable and all sorts of elements have been in groups and may easily identify through the group name too.

Template converts easily to HTML and WordPress.

Incorporated within this package are 2 page layout versions: Single and Multi-page versions.

28. Carle – Vehicle Service and Shop ($12)

The Carle UI PSD template provides and ideal solution for vehicle service companies including: engine repair, maintenance, inspections, oil changes, brakes, plus much more. Features a user friendly design also is flexible and customizable. Features specific for this UI set include the opportunity to book appointments, create special coupon offers then sell vehicle equipment online.

Carle – Vehicle Service and Shop PSD Template


22 PSD files that are fully layered and customizable and all sorts of elements have been in groups and may easily identify through the group name too.

Pick from multiple page layout options, each with their own interface that are streamlined to thrill.

2 kinds of Blog layouts: Classic and Masonry, and Blog Single.

29. Medical – Link ($12)

Medical-Link is a top quality premium PSD theme which will give a fantastic and modern the perception of medical practice companies. From highly functional Web Development Sydney elements to professional and visually pleasing appearance, Medical-Link has the capacity to combine art with functionality to supply users with great usability of the website.

Medical-Link PSD Theme


PSD files come fully-layered and arranged for fast and simple usage and could be easily transformed into WordPress or Joomla.

According to Bootstrap 1170 Responsive Grid Based Design.

Elegant and modern typography elements and limitless color variations can make your site look more appealing and simpler to see and understand.

30. BookMarks ($12)

BookMarks is really a unique and modernPSD UI theme template you can use for companies including gyms, corporations, hotels, education plus much more. Creative utilization of responsively designed elements enables users to simply alter the design based on your needs. BookMarks utilizes the most recent trends in art design and optimizes its web elements for enhanced usability.

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