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Web design and graphic design considered equals, but in fact, they are different in some aspects.

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Website design deals with technical knowledge about softwares and design skills. A good-looking website isn’t our final goal. We should balance among creating an eye-catching design, website practicality and website contents. Your website is a tool to help your business; it’s not a decorative thing! Your website design is a representative of your job and company. It shows your sensibility, and organizing and management power; so do not underestimate its effect.Website Designer
We would optimize your website design by considering following factors:
• Insert of essential and enough information- Page contents must be important and necessary. We don’t want to take your customers’ time.
• Avoid of using auto-loading sound, advertisements and animations- They just distract viewers from reading content. But if you want to make money from advertisement, too, they should arrange in order not to distract customers from your own business.
• Avoid of long texts and explanations- Business explanation, product features… should be clear, concise and communicative.Web Designer Malaysia
• Avoid of pop-up windows- They really goes on every one’s nerve.
• Proper choice of color for font and background- Although there are beautiful fonts, but some of them are difficult to read. We never sacrifice practicality for beauty. Contrast of font color and background color should be considered to get readability.
• Load of medium-quality pictures- High-quality pictures take longer to load. It can cause, viewers leave pages. We only use them whenever needed.Website Malaysia
• Well-organized content- Organizing content, categorization of products or services is really important and challenging. In some case, that’s better to include sub-categories in 2 or 3 category to easy access.
• Inclusion of homepage, content menu, contact information in each page
• Design in a way to be accessible by different devices and all of browsers- People surf the net through various OS and browsers. Your website would be accessed by all of them.
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Website Designer Malaysia

Web Designer Malaysia

We are freelance web designer in Malaysia that provide website design in Malaysia for individuals and companies.

Website designers are mainly involved in creating and coding web pages. En route, they draw upon both their technical knowledge and artistic impulses. It is important to keep in mind the end of their job is to design web pages that satisfy users’ needs. Website designers are not just responsible for the appearance of web pages, but they are also responsible for the way the pages function. The duty of a website’s maintenance also falls on a web designer’s shoulders.It is important to differentiate between the role of a website designer and a web developer. The latter is mainly concerned with the back-end of a website. Other than the responsibilities mentioned, a web designer should also make sure that the applications and layout mentioned work well in prominent web browsers. Also important in his job is collaboration with marketing agents of the company.

A web designer and website developer should make sure that his graphics and designs are totally in keeping with the company’s branding policy. This is crystalized in the initial meetings between the clients and the designer, which is held before the project of designing the web starts out. The designer is asked to provide sample pages and prototypes in order to convince the marketing office that his work would further the company’s policy.A web designer should also be well-experienced in search engine optimization. At times, he is asked to proofread certain contents in order to make sure no error whatsoever exists in the final version. Debugging codes and possible re-designing of web pages are amongst probable scenarios in the life of a web designer. One other area in which a web designer should be highly-trained is working with content management systems.

Website Designer

A web designer works with data, graphics and web pages. He should be able to work his way around content management systems since the content means everything in the world of web design. A web developer should also remain available for ‘post-sales’ technical support. In order to keep up-to-date with the latest in design technology, he is expected to follow current trends in design and take active part in software development courses and events.One prominent part of our company’s activities is allocated to web design and web development. We host a well-experienced team of website designers. The design project in our company starts out with an initial meeting between the designers and the client. This turns out to be a critical stage since everything should go according to our clients’ preferences. Afterwards, our designers work on providing a prototype, i.e. how the final outcome would probably look like.

In the design of the website, we attempt to make a host of various considerations, from graphics to search engine optimization to proofreading. Our designers follow the latest changes in the design world and draw upon their rich background of web design to provide the best possible service for our clients. With the introduction of our web design services, we attempt to actualize our ideals and dreams in the design world.

Web Designer Malaysia

Web Designer Malaysia

SVG Icons are professionally designed, well-organized and could be resized without degrading the look quality.

The page layouts are available in several 14 PSD files as well as your standard Home contributing to pages in addition to a Single Tour Web Designer Malaysia, All Tour Lists, and also the All Tour grid.

This UI Collection is dependant on the most popular Bootstrap framework.

18. CREATIV ($13)

Creativ’s multipurpose pack provides users with endless design options. Having a clean, flexible and pixel-perfect design, this UI pack may be used to provide amazing design recent results for all sorts of companies. See what all of the fuss is all about and obtain your copy today.

Creativ – Multi_Concept Business PSD Template


This package includes over 15 homepage designs with comprehensive layouts.

24/7 Customer care hotlines and free lifetime updates.

Features 8 Exclusive PSDs: Business, Restaurant, Portfolio, Freelancers, Medical, One Page, Fullscreen Photography, Shop

19. TheFox ($12)

TheFox Business PSD template means serious business and it is incredible UI component provides you with all that you should assist you to increase your business. Having a effective Admin panel, responsive design and incredible colors, TheFox UI set is a superb theme for the business. Get the business website ready to go today by installing TheFox here.

TheFox Business PSD Template

TheFox Business

TheFox is definitely an Elegant Design idea thats appropriate for several companies including corporations, community or for a high-notch portfolio website.

TheFox can be simply converted to be used in WordPress, Joomla along with other systems offers Lifetime support.

Features amazing designs while offering lots of versatility that may ease your workload.

20. Sentra Corporate ($10)

Provide your business website an initial-class professional upgrade using the Sentra Corporate PSD UI set. This excellent UI template has lots of functional features making it well suited for use within virtually any type of business Web Designer Malaysia you are able to consider. Provide your business website project the appear and feel that the world-class business deserves.

Web Designer Malaysia